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Bob Marley

Dennis Morris worked closely with Marley, from 1973 until the Reggae legend's death in 1981. The images he created became iconic.

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"Reggae" showcases Morris's Jamaican reportage. His collection includes photographs of Trench Town, where Bob Marley was born, and the Bond Street district, capture daily life in the ghettos of downtown Kingston. These vibrant photographs capture the giants of the Reggae scene and the whole restless kaleidoscope of Reggae culture - past and present.

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Sex Pistols

For a year, Dennis trailed the band, taking hundreds of undisputed classic shots of the band. The only photographer to put the Sex Pistols fully at ease in front of the lens, Dennis' work with the band established, not only their public image, but also Dennis' position as one of the most exciting and striking music photographers in the country.

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  Public Image

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Growing Up Black

Growing up Black is a autobiographical work documenting black culture in seventies London

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Southall - A Home from Home

A walk on the West London side across Southall's kaleidoscopic and vibrant lands unveils a British Asian enclave, where Afro-Caribbeans, Somalians, Eastern Europeans, the Irish and English are entwined with a predominantly Asian population. Woven with the mettle of migrant myths, dreams and realities, cut from the flowing fabric of Asian culture by pioneers using the tools and physical surrounds of the West-Southall has provided a pattern of cross-cultural living in post-war Britain gradually falling in step to the directional sway of the towns multiethnic rhythms and traditions.

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This Happy Breed

These pictures are collections of photos inspired by a Noel Coward play ''This Happy Breed". This was a way of life, it was no dream, but through it all, what I found was a unbreakable spirit and humour which makes This Happy Breed.

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In August 2000, the painter Sebastian Horsley travelled to the Phillipines and subjected himself to crucifixion. He was accompanied by the artist Sarah Lucas, who recorded the event on film, and Dennis, who took the photographs.

A word from Dennis Morris

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  Dreamtime - an Aboriginal experience


Australia is as diverse geographically as it is Culturally. There are over 800 Aboriginal nations within Australia, each with their own distinct culture and language. The Indigenous peoples of Australia are the traditional custodians of the land and have been resident since time immemorial.

Mowanjum Aboriginal Community is situated in the dusty outback of the North-West of Western Australia. Home to the Worora, Ngarinyin and Wunumbul tribes, Mowanjum is situated on the land of the Nyikina nation, the original Custodians of this part of Country that spans from the Saltwater [coastal] to the Freshwater [inland].

Dennis' journey to country led him to Mowanjum. With the permission of the Elders, Dennis and family were welcomed openly by the community to interpret and capture the contemporary and traditional landscapes of living Indigenous Culture.

Copyright Sam Cook
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